In an effort to move forward with simpler tools and less antispam efforts. I have setup this new feedback forum for everyone in place of the traditional forum system used previously. I do apologize as exporting its content is not possible, especially without credit to their posters.

You can access the read only archive of the previous forums here.

March 9th, 2019 - General Updates

Bank Upgrading Rewritten 

Due to some issues in upgrading your bank and juggling the exact amount of money. I've rewritten the bank upgrading system to utilize both your Deposited money and your On Hand credits (in that order) to ensure you can meet the silly mix match deposit numbers required to upgrade. This change is live now, if you have any issues. Please let me know!

Security Update: Due to a discovery that allowed Moderators to issue out a plethora of Shop Items. I must note that in game items can no longer be trusted by default in my book without evidence of a purchase occuring. While this is not yet applicable, it is something I want to get out there during the rewrite process. If you run into any issues with a purchasable item, please ensure you have a receipt available.

Shop Update: I've added a 3 month subscription under the Basic Items category for $5 - I do apologize for the lack of a subscription option previously. Please note that all future Lifetime subscriptions will be exclusive to rewards, sales, and item packs.

Contacting Me: As of late, I've been rather busy with my real life activities and other business ventures. If you're in need of assistance or have any questions/concerns. You are always welcome to email me or post on our Contribution Forum as all activity on it is immediately reported to me via Email and Slack. I am very responsive to email / slack, and I appreciate everyones understanding in my in-game absence.

Updates / Changes

* Please send any suggestions, issues, bugs, or general questions to or contact me ingame (I'm almost never truly idle if online)


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