In an effort to move forward with simpler tools and less antispam efforts. I have setup this new feedback forum for everyone in place of the traditional forum system used previously. I do apologize as exporting its content is not possible, especially without credit to their posters.

You can access the read only archive of the previous forums here.

March 31st, 2019 - Emojis / Chat fix

Hey everyone!

Just a boring yet fun update for you this time around. First things first, I've fixed your chat setting. If you select Guild / Auction / Staff, you'll stay there with your chatbox auto-ready for the next message.

Now for the fun stuff! I've managed to add Emojis to the chatroom. They're Discord/Slack style emojis which require :smile: :cry: :joy: :lol :grinning_face: etc - I don't yet have a reference or an "autofill" for them, but I'll get that together for y'all soon. There's also the ability to have custom emojis added like my horrible looking :rip: (since they have to be 16x16)

In bug fixes, I've resolved an issue with the Baked Leprechaun spawning publicly, but locked to you as the only allowed killer. Everyone's leprechauns are public and open to the masses.

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