In an effort to move forward with simpler tools and less antispam efforts. I have setup this new feedback forum for everyone in place of the traditional forum system used previously. I do apologize as exporting its content is not possible, especially without credit to their posters.

You can access the read only archive of the previous forums here.

May 6th, 2019 - Apologies, changes, and insight!

Hey everyone!

As you've probably noticed, there hasn't been an update since the end of March due to my limited time in real life allocations to projects. I just wanted to take a moment to give everyone an update on the current development process and where I am personally. As the past 2-3 weeks have seen my absence entirely due to changes within my Day Job and moving across the country for both home and work.

Currently the Attack Script is still in development. I had gotten it near entirely completed albeit missing the Beasts before a handful of mission critical bugs came to life such as drops completely disappearing, the auto attack randomly invalidating itself, and the new math somehow converting the largest player stats to zero. I will be resuming development on it to bring it to completion. Everyone is welcome to test it out if they'd like, please visit the Discord for more information.

Hiring Developers! Since this game is grown to be stupendously large in terms of the data at hand, and I am only one person. I am actively looking for developers who would be interested in joining into the game development. Please do not reach out to me regarding this. I am looking to hire privately outside of the game manufacturing community for safety reasons.

We have a Discord now! Our public in-game chat is directly mirrored over to our Discord server to allow for notifications and out of game updates to In-game activity. Any commands or private messages are not mirrored. All development updates, live testing, and general dev communication is in Discord.

Further updates will follow. I haven't had a lot of time to hit the drawing board here, so please bear with me. IF YOU HAVE ANY IDEAS FOR THE GAME NO MATTER HOW "SILLY" - Please suggest them within the Contribution Forums so that I can best work towards the interest of the players. I did not pick this game up for money or my own reasons. I am only here to keep the game alive and in development for you, the players.

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