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You have been teleported to an alive beast!

teleported to 10,9 Twisted Nether

Vahnatai has awoken a Baked Leprechaun at 10, 9 in Twisting Nether!

and theres no alive beast in the mob section...


  • Are you sure it's not dead?

  • i moved over and hit teleport again its taking me to same location happened earlier too

  • I'm not sure, pending review

  • and again teleported to new beast then back to 10,9 and nothing is there

  • it seems to be just baked leprechauns in twisted nether that you get teleported to alive beast yet nothing there its happened countless times to me and no message of them being killed.

  • edited March 2019

    I think this has something to do with the monthly beasts being private and not being visible to other players, and I know Vahnatai and I have the beast rune making "monthly" beasts private. If I type the /killbeasts command it will kill all mine, and I still get the Dust and CC rewards, but no auto boosts. But if I hit the teleport command it will take me to the most recent beast, including Vahnatai's "private" beast.

    Just ran a test with Bloodgood and before he killed his I could teleport (via automatic teleport), but not see it. After he killed it I teleported (via the automatic teleport) to Vahnatai's and couldn't see it either. We all have the beast rune.

  • An interesting bit to that is that the monthly beast isn't supposed to drop anything but a multiplier... so that's interesting to know.

    Additionally they're not allowed to drop as a private beast.. I did run a SQL through to kill off all the previous month beasts though? I'm not sure where Motodragon is getting stuck

  • Going to lock this as resolved in-game. Please open a new thread if the issue resurfaces

    Thank you both for your assistance!

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