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Rank/Title System With Dev Notes - Sevion - 04-16-2013

10 Noob
9 Initiate 3,600 Can Use Trinkets No Longer Level Based *DEV all users with a reborn received this rank
8 Novice 85,000 Novice Cap (Lost on rank up)+5% Bonuses *DEV Granted to Hardmode users now
7 Duelist 500,000 Duelist Badge (Lost on rank up)+10% Bonuses *DEV Granted to Insane Mode users now
6 Slayer 1,000,000 - Shrunken Skull Necklace +20% Bonuses *DEV Granted t Everyone Above Magnuto
5 Slayer of Champions 2,500,000 - Megingjoro +30% Bonuses *Dev Granted to Everyone hand set by Sevion (Users are firsts at caping old and current reborn caps)
4 Slayer of Legions 7,500,000 - Legions Banner +40% Bonuses
3 Slayer of Nightmares 15,000,000 - Nightmare in a Bottle +50% Bonuses
2 Immoral Slayer 30,000,000 (Trinket Named after whomever hits this first. PERSON's Eternal Slaughter) +100% Bonuses

*Also some of the oldest accounts (ID <= 1000) in Immoral Attack with a rank below Duelist was given Duelist.

Slayer of Champions (In No Order)
conmeo<Ces Anym>
Aragoon<Ces Anym>
Yoda<Jedi Council>
Drakius<Demons Of Death>
narfly<Pink Ponies>

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RE: Rank/Title System With Dev Notes - EryMef - 05-29-2020

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