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NEW YEAR DRAWING 1/1/2016 - Sevion - 12-14-2015

Grand Prize 1: crikey420
Custom Named Primal Dragon Axe (Power 907,200)
10 Arena Tickets
5 X-L Guild Jump Start Packs
500 Big Lime Eggs

Grand Prize 2: Yoda
Custom Named Primal Dragon Shield (Power 1,209,600)
8 Arena Tickets
4 X-L Guild Jump Start Packs
400 Big Lime Eggs

Grand Prize 3: Telopitus
24 Primal Essences
6 Arena Tickets
3 X-L Guild Jump Start Packs
300 Big Lime Eggs

Grand Prize 4: Pegasus
12 Primal Essences
4 Arena Tickets
2 X-L Guild Jump Start Packs
200 Big Lime Eggs

Grand Prize 5: pwee1987
6 Primal Essences
2 Arena Tickets
1 X-L Guild Jump Start Pack
100 Big Lime Eggs

1st Prize: pwee1987
5 Arena Tickets
X-L Guild Jump Start Pack

2nd Prize: Rainman
4 Arena Tickets
Large Guild Jump Start Pack

3rd Prize: Fire On Earth
3 Arena Tickets
Medium Guild Jump Start Pack

4th Prize: Yoda
2 Arena Tickets
Small Guild Jump Start Pack

5th Prize: SirBinx
1 Arena Ticket

Drawing FAQ
How to earn entries:
Entries are earned by buying items off the Item Mall.  Entries are earned at 1 per $2.50 spent.  Bonus entries that are earned from Facebook posts do are NOT  counted towards Grand Prize drawings and are only factored into the normal prize drawings.

What if I already have a Custom Weapon/Shield and Win?
You may elect to receive another custom weapon/shield or have your current weapon/shield upgraded to include the power of your current custom weapon or shield plus the new weapon/shield.  Custom weapons/shields that do not qualify for this upgrade are IRS Slayer, Pumpkin Carver, Jack o Lantern, Audit Shield, and Patriot Shield.

Is the entries list up to date?
Maybe?  Maybe not.  This list is updated daily and may or may not include the latest orders placed.

Whats the power of the Greedy Reapers Sword?

Whats the power of the Greedy Reapers Shield?

Can I win multiple prizes?
You may win one Grand and one Normal (1st-5th Place) prize.

RE: NEW YEAR DRAWING 1/1/2016 - Sevion - 12-14-2015

1-4 Zaor
5-44 Yoda
45-54 Vahnatai
55-70 crikey420
71-80 Rainman
81-160 Doresain
161 -200 Rainman
201 dnalex2013
202-217 stonedviper
218-223 -Eclypse-
224 Kutrah
225-264 Yoda
265-274 Dook
275-294 SirBinx
295-304 Yoda
305-444 pwee1987
445-484 Rainman
485-524 sparhawkia3
525-532 crikey420
533-540 Xyvex
541-560 Extreme
561-580 Rainman
581-600 Yoda
601-608 Pegasus
609-618 crikey420
619-626 Vahnatai
627-634 crikey420
635-682 Doresain
683-702 Mephistopheles
703-710 Extreme
711-718 Yoda
719-726 SirBinx
727-734 Xyvex
735-742 Fire On Earth
743-758 crikey420
759-774 kingkiller
775-776 Molske
778-784 Vahnatai
785-812 Telopitus
813-892 Fire On Earth

1,000+ Entries Double Prize Pool

RE: NEW YEAR DRAWING 1/1/2016 - Sevion - 01-01-2016

All prizes have been passed out except the sword and shield.

Winners of each please email me ( or msg me the name of your item.
p.s. Clear the slot too by giving your current sword/shield to a alt.

RE: NEW YEAR DRAWING 1/1/2016 - Sevion - 01-02-2016

Moved thread to open it for users.