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Kingdom Charter
04-08-2013, 12:39 PM,
Kingdom Charter
One of the biggest complaints in IA is the use of Alts to take over the kingdom charts and/or Guild War points (Not as much as we have been manually editing some guilds due to system abuse)

Solution: Kingdom Charter - requires the user spend 1 Million Credits (Yes a very petty amount but Kingdoms are designed for all to play)

What it Does: This item will allow you to select a character for kingdom management.

How It Fixes the issue: When purchasing this "item" from the Kingdom Menu after selecting Build Province from your main menu, you will be told that you may only purchase 1 of these regardless of how many accounts you have. We will also track this as this is far easier to track then the shear amounts of accounts there are to manage and watch. This will also make sure users are very aware of the 1 kingdom per person rule. And anyone found infraction of thus rule will be perma removed from kingdoms and guilds and if continual issues from the same person a ban.
04-08-2013, 01:09 PM,
RE: Kingdom Charter
*applause* Big Grin
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04-09-2013, 04:31 PM, (This post was last modified: 04-10-2013, 09:56 AM by Famine.)
RE: Kingdom Charter
I like it. It will prevent one person from holding the top spots.
05-07-2013, 11:50 PM,
RE: Kingdom Charter
Sounds good, although if there was a way to scale the cost of credits, for say someone gaining 10Credits per kill and someone gaining 10quad per kill, or scale it per level. Other wise it's like a new player (under the circumstances no one gives him/her/heshe/it credits, they will be spending a long time getting the credits for a big reward, where as someone who is gaining a lot will spend, yes the same but a insignificant amount while reaping the same rewards, if not greater due to there KMS skill.
05-09-2013, 07:26 AM,
RE: Kingdom Charter
No way to scale cost based on the PvE performance of someone, they would just use their alt for a kingdom for cheaper. Inside the kingdom though you will find scaling costs based on aspects of your kingdom based on what your doing each aspect is not effected by aspects you can alter to lower the price (Such as releasing troops before exploring land as troops dont effect explore cost.)
05-09-2013, 05:09 PM,
RE: Kingdom Charter
Ok, fair enough. Just didn't want it being like old Kingdoms where you could say buy max Troops from just one kill.
05-21-2013, 06:40 PM,
RE: Kingdom Charter
A kingdom was declared as an empire, or sphere in which one thing was leading. At The Kingdom charter School of Leadership, our sphere of dominance is educational excellence and leadership.

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