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What is a booking bet? Types of booking bets in football
10-07-2023, 02:03 PM,
What is a booking bet? Types of booking bets in football
Football betting is one of the many betting options available at bookmakers, offering a wide range of choices for players. When participating in betting at bookmakers, players can choose from various types of bets, such as handicap betting, over/under betting, Asian handicap betting, corner kick betting, and more. In addition, booking bets are a popular type of bet that many players engage in. Let's explore the different types of booking bets in football together with the experts at Wintips.
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What is a booking bet?
Booking bets are a relatively new type of betting option offered by reputable bookmakers. Similar to other types of bets such as over/under, Asian handicap, or European handicap, booking bets do not rely on goal-related factors. Instead, they focus solely on the number of bookings (yellow and red cards) issued during a match.
Currently, players can also participate in various booking-related bet types, such as over/under booking bets and booking handicap bets. Typically, a yellow card is worth 10 points, and a red card is worth 25 points.
Red Card Betting
Do red cards count as bookings in football? This is a common question among newcomers to booking bets. According to the rules, red cards are still considered a form of booking in football. A player who commits a foul more than twice will receive a red card and be sent off the field by the referee.
In a thrilling and intense match, especially one involving two major teams, it is highly likely that red cards will be shown. Therefore, when participating in booking bets, it is advisable to choose matches of this nature.
Yellow Card Betting
Yellow cards are issued as warnings to players for committing fouls during a football match. To analyze and easily identify matches with many bookings, players can refer to information and statistics from reputable betting forums or websites.
[Image: keo-the-phat-3.jpg]
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How to Play Booking Bets Effectively in Football Betting
When deciding to participate in booking bets in football betting, players need to know some football betting tips. Among them, players should be able to identify whether a player is a forward, midfielder, defender, or goalkeeper.
Furthermore, players need to understand the playing style of each player. Is there a tendency for some players in the match to be aggressive, determined, or prone to fouls? Because overly aggressive play can lead to fouls and bookings for players.
Defenders typically receive more bookings
In top leagues like the Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A, or Ligue 1, the rate of bookings for defenders is higher than average. This is because these leagues are highly competitive and prioritize defensive play. Therefore, if you want to engage in booking bets, these leagues are likely the best choice.
Weaker teams usually receive more bookings
This is one of the easily recognizable factors where weaker teams tend to play defensively. They often resort to more aggressive tactics to prevent the opposing team from scoring. According to statistics, top-tier teams in the Premier League receive only about 40% of the total bookings in a season. The rest goes to lower-ranked teams.
Some Tips for Placing Booking Bets Wisely
Choose Matches Carefully: Players should select matches with a noticeable difference in skill level. Additionally, matches that have a significant impact on standings can also have more bookings.
Be Cautious with High Odds Matches: Reputable bookmakers often offer various booking bet options. Pay attention to changes in the odds to increase your chances of winning.
Select Appropriate Bets: Players should choose a bet that suits them best and is most likely to win. Not all booking bets are suitable for everyone, as bets with higher reward ratios may also have higher risks.
Learn What Booking Bets Are and What Types of Bets Exist: Always ask yourself if there are any tricks to winning these bets. To enhance your chances of success when placing booking bets, consider the following valuable tips:
Review the recent disciplinary record of players who have received cards in previous matches. If a player has received a yellow card, they may adjust their playing style in the current match.
Study the match history of both teams: If both professional teams play well and are committed, the number of bookings you receive may be low.
It's crucial to know the referees for the match. A strict referee is more likely to issue more cards compared to a typical match.
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These are the basic insights into booking bets available today. Hopefully, with this information, Wintips will help you understand more about this type of betting and enable you to make the most effective betting decisions.

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