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Open Positions
01-15-2013, 01:44 PM,
Open Positions

Reply with something that will awe us, if you are giving examples of previous positions in other games please just say the games name and we will Google it from there. If they aren't "googable" they are not notable enough (And yes even dead games are "googable"). Please do not post anything personal such as last name etc. First names are fine if you are chosen for a position more info is needed we will contact you privately.

This thread is not for chatter, please refrain from chitchat here.
01-15-2013, 02:12 PM,
RE: Open Positions
My name is Fred, In-game name I'm known as Sinfull. I currently speak, write and read English fluently, although my grammar could be better. I'm a self employed programmer working in Java on my spare time. I have sufficient knowledge with IPs as well as the use of them to determine ones activity and usage from my current GM staff position at a gaming studio named COOLTOPLAY. The game they run is called mythic saga, this is a 3D MMO built on the flash foundation. My duties there included reviewing report cases, and handing out punishments accordingly, brainstorming with the other GM's and admins and presenting them to the development team, Daily cleanup of forums and answering question the general public had posted, or posting detailed imaged guides for users on new content that had been added. My current name at Mythic saga, pertaining to my staff account is Fred.

My main reason for joining back is that COOLTOPLAY is not the best employer(although all i did was for free). I needed to get back to a friendly slow paced community that didn't demand a 24/7 watchful eye because they were understaffed. I am a father of two with a beautiful wife and i do need to have my own time to spend with them.

What i would like to see out of Immoral Attack in the future?. A raised player base is most definitely needed and I have been helping as best i can to make this a reality. I would also like to see more content added into the game that will help to bring IA into the future and keep newer players here as well as intriguing older members with new content. A GUI would be something i would love to see in the future as well as expanded maps, guild system, war system, and much more.
01-15-2013, 02:18 PM,
RE: Open Positions
Hello, name is Duane. I am applying for in-game mod/forum-mod position. I have been an IA mod for a few years now and have an extensive knowledge on in game aspects, rules, and how things are handled. Have also been keeping the forums up to date for awhile now.

I would thoroughly enjoy to continue being part of IA staff and community. Appreciate your time looking over my application.
01-16-2013, 10:37 AM,
RE: Open Positions

Obviously my name is Jay. Some of you may know me in game as Jay or Drakius. I would actually like to apply for both the Mod and Guide Writer positions. My English skills, while not perfect, are at what I would say a moderate level. I also somewhat speak some French as well as some Spanish. I have years of experience in the gaming staff community. I am a former game owner myself, as well as a current staff member at Dragon Kingdoms at the moderator level. I am a former admin level staff member on TerraWorld. I am also a former moderator level staff member from Shimlar. I also built a help site for both RWK and Dragon Kingdoms where I wrote guides to cover nearly every aspect of both games. I have fair knowledge of all aspects of the game play here in Immoral Attack and have no problems helping anyone who does not understand.


Obviously if there are any questions you have for me you know where to find me Alex.
01-17-2013, 06:49 AM,
RE: Open Positions
Sure might as well put in my application on the tiny chance I make it. I was a mod on IA for a while (supposedly even though I recall no knowledge of this) and was mod on The Lost Runes for a while as well. Y'all know me, I've played IA for years even back to when it was still TA. I know enough of the game to get by and help people do things. I promise not to spam your phone unless it's important!

I promise I'm really good with a mute/ban button Big Grin
01-20-2013, 11:08 AM, (This post was last modified: 01-20-2013, 11:09 AM by Sevion.)
RE: Open Positions
Ok as of right now I have left everyone in positions where they currently are.

Sevion (Owner)
Mystic (Looks pretty most of the time)
SirBinx (Like Mystic but with a Nerfbat)
Brianbak (Server Company Owner)

Cakey (Scriptor)
Drakius (Guide Writer)

Magnuto may or may not stay in their position we will see I do know they dont have alot of time for IA. crikey420 and Meggie your apps are still here and are in and you may soon be promoted depending on how the user activity goes.
01-20-2013, 11:10 AM,
RE: Open Positions
Congrats to all new mods and good look on your continued performance to the old ones Smile
01-24-2013, 06:47 PM,
RE: Open Positions

My name is Paul. I am a new player who has only been around the past 2 weeks. I was Inquiring about the guide writing position. To me guides are very important to a game cause it gives new people somewhere to start instead of throwing them into a game and not knowing what to do or what is going on cause when that happens many people wont try to find out they will just leave.

I don't have any notable experience, I wrote several guides and tutorials for a couple of Godwars MUDS years and years ago but nothing major.

As you know I have posted about several things in the guides that needs to be changes/edited and I would be more then happy to do that and come up with some more. I don't have any experience in writing wiki pages but i'm sure i can figure it out.
02-03-2013, 06:21 PM,
RE: Open Positions
Hi, my name is Bryan, and i would like to apply for an In-game mod position. I have had no previous modding experience, but i am friendly and as helpful as i can be in game. I played for a while like Meggie during TA, but had to quit and was sketchy on times for awhile. I am back now, and have about 6-7 hours at least a day to where I could Moderate if I were to receive this position.

Thank you for your time Alex and/or Whomever else decides. =)
02-05-2013, 07:44 AM,
RE: Open Positions
Ben - Bvanskike

I have quite an extensive E-Support background...

I have owned a game before (References Available) -
I have owned a business online
I have ran a server hosting company online

More info available on request

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