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Plane Quests

Below are the Guides to the various Plane access quests. All credit for this goes to the original authors and Help Site.

Plain of Souls Chain Quest

  1. The first map piece is obtained by killing siren mobs until the piece drops. Sirens mobs are randomly spawned. Any siren mob on any plane will drop the map piece. There is a 1/20 chance the map piece will drop. (Note: Cannot be found while under moonfire effect or in special mob locations for example all elite location.)
  2. The second map piece drops off regular vampire mobs on any plane. Vampires are also randomly spawned; although using the Druid for the lesser moonfire effect will guarantee vamps mobs speeding up the quest process. The second piece has a 1/2000 chance of dropping.
  3. The third map piece will drop from Fool or Elite vampire mobs on any plane except the Plane of Creation. The third map piece has a 1/2500 chance of dropping. You may also use the Moonfire effect to speed the quest.
  4. The fourth and final map piece drops off Fool Elite Vampire Dullahan Commanders or better. Here you can also use the Greater moonfire effect. The fourth map piece has a 1/3000 chance of dropping.
  5. The fifth and final step to the quest chain is after finding the fourth map piece, message Ulrik. He will then tell you he is waiting at 5,5 Plane of Creation. Ulrik has 1quintillion health and with little damage, this fight can take days so make sure you’re skilled and leveled before attempting.

Time Temporal Doc Quest

Collect all 4 Schematic Shreds and take them back to Doc along with 2,500 Cash Credits, Shard Dust, Prismatic Stones, Enchanted Timbers, and Phials of Vampire Blood.

  • Top left shred is found by killing Ghost of Dullahan on the Plain of Creation
  • Top right shred is found by killing Ghost of Dullahan on the Plane of Heroes
  • ​Bottom left shred is found by killing Ghost of Heroes Past in dullahan
  • ​Bottom right shred is found by killing Ghost of Dullahan on the Plane of Despair

***The Ghost of Dullahan is a random spawn beast and this quest can take quite a while to complete***

Forgotten Edge Quest

***You must have already completed the Time Temporal Doc Quest***

Speak to Doc NPC and give him 1 million enchanted timbers and 1 million crafting stones.

Fields of Aaru Weightless Heart​ Quest

Speak the the Dark Stranger and give him 50 primal essences to spawn the Osiris beast. Osiris will drop the Weightless heart, which grants access to the Aaru plane.The Weightless Heart will also allow you to trade Primal Essences.

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