In an effort to move forward with simpler tools and less antispam efforts. I have setup this new feedback forum for everyone in place of the traditional forum system used previously. I do apologize as exporting its content is not possible, especially without credit to their posters.

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Referral Bonus

The current ref bonus gives points based off their purchase. I know you really can't give a % of most purchases but the current point selection is slim so was thinking to maybe assign Item Mall items a point value that can be used to purchase with our ref points


  • I like the idea, but I also don't want to go assigning point values to the shop items simply because... there's just far to many currently.

    I'd be open to simply giving 10% In Store Credit to referrers whose referrals make purchases, or something along those lines. Essentially the same thing at least.

  • Maybe add ref only items or bonuses that can be bought with them.

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