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Autoplay Boosts?

So with the move to the new server I'm able to better handle load and traffic within the server not dismissing the fact that gameplay needs to be within balance. All the same I did some testing and I was successfully able to auto attack at roughly 1 attack per 0.4 seconds.

While the current best achievable rate is 1atk:2sec - this is obviously a considerable increase in potential speed in attack rates.

Since most of you autoplay entirely, I'm curious if you'd rather see either of the following options available within the shop or during a bonus period from a beast.

* Temporary Increase in attack speed
** Available from Beast drops / Ultra rare drop table for PvM
** 1/2 rate of current attack speed (1s / 1.5s)
** Purchasable item to half the halved rate for (0.5s / 0.7s)

* Temporary Purchase of 0.5 attack rate for x days / weeks

In order to balance the game in the increased rates of speed, the proposed adjustments to resource drops are proposed

  • 25% Reduction in all bonus drops from monsters
  • 50% Reduction in Credits / EXP received from kills
  • Beasts cannot be spawned in boosted states

These restrictions would come into play at any speed under 1.5s to ensure the gameplay is balanced for those not under the boosted autoplay effects.

I have created a video to demonstrate the potential speeds from the autoplay. I really want to note that this is over shitty hotel internet connected to a VPN located in Canada (I'm in Colorado) and managing these speeds.

I am mainly looking for opinions before moving forward with such intensity in the auto attack system. Any feedback you may have is greatly appreciated!


  • For those looking to quick cap or quickly boost skills this would be a viable option. Quick question though, how would one gain access to the bosted Auto option, and how many autos would you need to cover a 26-30 hour period then...

  • Access would be gained through purchase. It would be a temporary boost to your account which you would not be subject to without purchasing said boost.

    I had briefly discussed this ingame with a few players which brought up a few issues considering the fact the proposed auto attack count would be unchanged while imposing restrictions which I guess is a negative as it requires you to restart your autos more frequently. It's definitely something I've considered though I would not expect seasoned players to be purchasing said boost.

    As for your requested numbers on the attack rates.

    ** 1/2 rate of current attack speed (1s / 1.5s)
    ** Purchasable item to half the halved rate for (0.5s / 0.7s)
    • Base 1 hour | 1.5s :: 2,400 | 1.0s :: 3,600 | 0.7s :: 5,142 | 0.5 :: 7,200
    • 26 hours | 1.5s :: 62,400 | 1.0s :: 93,600 | 0.7s :: 133,714 | 0.5s :: 187,200
    • 30 hours | 1.5s :: 72,000 | 1.0s :: 108,000 | 0.7s :: 154,285 | 0.5s :: 216,000

    All the same any further input is welcomed

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