In an effort to move forward with simpler tools and less antispam efforts. I have setup this new feedback forum for everyone in place of the traditional forum system used previously. I do apologize as exporting its content is not possible, especially without credit to their posters.

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  • I like the idea, but I also don't want to go assigning point values to the shop items simply because... there's just far to many currently. I'd be open to simply giving 10% In Store Credit to referrers whose referrals make purchases, or something al…
  • This is definitely an idea. I'll put some thought into it
    in Housing / TS Comment by Cakey April 2019
  • I'm... not sure what you'd sell on it aside from resources. Most resources are easily available for the new users from members already which a market would not solve as they make potatoes as new users anyway. The new user welcoming needs revamped, t…
    in Market Comment by Cakey April 2019
  •  8:54 Cakey: ones more official than the other   8:54 Cakey: or 
    in Discord Comment by Cakey April 2019
  • allow for auto deposit in the bank Isn't this already a thing? I thought it was? On the action refresh, unfortunately that's a bit more work than one would expect though I'm still working to devise a way to handle it. Once I have more information …
    in QoL Comment by Cakey March 2019
  • Agreed though it's kinda messy on how many messages go into that "channel" without proper labeling. I'll review the message flow and work to tune it though.
    in System Chat Comment by Cakey March 2019
  • Going to lock this as resolved in-game. Please open a new thread if the issue resurfaces Thank you both for your assistance!
  • An interesting bit to that is that the monthly beast isn't supposed to drop anything but a multiplier... so that's interesting to know. Additionally they're not allowed to drop as a …
  • I'm not sure, pending review
  • Are you sure it's not dead?
  • Resolved, they're all dead now
  • This bug has been confirmed and will be addressed shortly This bug has been fixed with a rewrite of the upgrading system for your bank. More information can be found here
    in Bank Upgrade Comment by Cakey March 2019
  • Credits to
  • Access would be gained through purchase. It would be a temporary boost to your account which you would not be subject to without purchasing said boost. I had briefly discussed this in…
  • Awesome! I'm glad it's resolved at this point
  • Hey Grethor! It seems we ran into an issue with MySQL today which prevented access to the game. I hope now that those are resolved, you can login. If not, could you describe how you are unable to access the game such as what page you see with what …
  • Will PayPal be brought back? Yes, I will be bringing PayPal back. However it was easiest to integrate Stripe which is honestly the easiest payment system out there. If you need to use PayPal, please contact me for a purchase link. If you have any q…
  • You can find the original forum at

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